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Useful tools for international cooperation in the fight against terrorism
Other regional and international judicial cooperation platforms
Legal Library
Useful tools for international cooperation in the fight against terrorism

Standardized forms: faci
litate the drafting of requests for mutual legal assistance and extradition in a harmonized manner at the regional level.

Download iconDownload – consolidated form of request for extradition – final

Download iconDownload – consolidated form for mutual assistance application II – final

Handbook on international cooperation in criminal matters against terro
rism: this handbook aims to assist law-enforcement practitioners in combating terrorism to effectively and expeditiously draw on international cooperation tools, such as extradition and mutual legal assistance, as well as giving them practical advice on the problems and obstacles they might encounter.

Practical guide to making an effective request for extradition and mutual legal assistance to the Member States
of the PCJS: this guide aims to enable practitioners in the region to have the information they need to send an extradition request and effective legal assistance. The guide shall indicate to the requesting States the key requirements posed by the requested States in particular: the competent authority, the applicable procedure, the information and documents required, the legal bases and the language in which the request is to be Written.

Handbook on combating terrorism in the Sahel region: legal
framework, investigative techniques and police cooperation (available in French only): a training module (2012) aimed at strengthening the capacity of judicial police officers Burkina Faso, Mali, Mauritania and Niger in the area of investigations and cooperation.

Training module for police and gendarmerie training schools in Mali and Niger:D the training
modules to be integrated into the curricula of the police and gendarmerie schools in Mali and Niger have also been developed. The two training modules contain chapters on the legal framework for combating terrorism specific to the two countries, investigative techniques and international judicial and police cooperation.



Training Curriculum for schools of judicial training and law enforcement-fight against terrorism in Mali



Training Curriculum for schools of judicial training and law enforcement-fight against terrorism in Niger




Database on anti-terrorism legislation: t
his database aims to provide comprehensive and precise legal information on measures adopted by both the international community and individual States to combat terrorism and transnational organized crime. It contains regularly updated information on these phenomena through national conventions, resolutions and criminal laws, which may be useful to countries in the context of international judicial cooperation.

Counter-terrorism training platform:
an interactive UNODC tool is specifically designed to help criminal justice actors build their capacity in the field of counter-terrorism, including judicial cooperation: to more information and access to all of these tools, please visit the UNODC Web sites:

Other regional and international judicial cooperation platforms

Other judicial networks contribute to facilitating regional and international judicial cooperation in criminal matters:

Legal Library

  • International Conventions on judicial cooperation

    (There will be about 5 documents to download)

  • Bilateral Conventions on judicial cooperation between the Member States of the PCJS

    (There will be about 15 to 20 documents to download)

  • National legislation of the Member States of the PCJS on judicial cooperation

    (about 5 documents per country to download)

    Burkina Faso, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Senegal, Chad